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Then the other washer went, so I went to the truck stop...

The last few times I'd used the clothes washer the clothes seemed wetter than the spin-dry should have left them. Then the washer went *THUMP* *THUMP *THUMP* the last time. Uh oh. Called appliance dealer to see what a repair might involve. It would involve, at a minimum, about $700. The advice was to replace since it wouldn't be much more and then everything would be new.

We did that. A friend recommended a different dealer in town (one that I had pretty much forgotten existed) but I felt like the service was better or at least lower pressure on sales ("We don't need fancy. We just need clean." "OK.") and went with that. The dryer is fine, but of course this is a stacked setup that must be stacked due to location of fixture and such. There are stacking kits. But those only within brand and then often only within model. So now we have a new washer, with an older dryer, separated by a bit of old carpeting. The installers decided the best or at least easiest course of action after that was a real Red Green solution: duct tape. Yes, really.

Jay and I both decided that would simply Not Do. Even with alleged vibration sensing and damping, trusting things to six strips of duct tape seemed insane. So I went to the truck stop and bought a come-along strap setup and wrapped that around the washer-dryer combo. A few more carpet scraps as things were ratcheted tight and I feel a lot better about things.

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