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Happy 1952? Or maybe 1953.

The first Saturday of the year was the $WORKPLACE Christmas party. As usual, there was a drawing for employees, and prizes handed out. Many were smaller items ("A t-shirt and a water bottle.") and there were various larger items, including a couple grills, a couple Keurig machines, a nice KitchenAid stand mixer, and a couple TVs. One TV was first (I suspect it was a 720p cheapie) and the other, a 40 inch Vizio 'Smart' TV was last.

Having been to a few of these and having gotten a (right, proper non-DRM-ed yay!) Keurig a couple years ago I didn't expect much and was mainly hoping not to get stuck with another shirt I'd likely never wear and a water bottle I'd likely never use. Despite not really having a space for it, I'd not have minded walking away with the KithenAid mixer one little bit. I was happy to see others get the grills. But (you're way ahead of me, aren't you?) but things went differently from that. The very last name pulled out for the drawing? For the big fancy TV? Was mine.

And then I had to go work, so it was just "Go home, unload, go to work." and then... well the living room has been cluttered for ages. It didn't make sense to even unpack the set until there was a place for it to go. And then there was dealing with the clothes washer and more work and things sat. And like with the Keurig the question came up if I was enjoying the new set yet and I've not learned to just lie and say "Yes, thank you." even yet.

A few days ago I had just enough energy to clean up things enough to have space for the set and assembled it and powered it up and... discovered that the set could deal with wifi, but didn't understand some people use long, secure passwords. And then I had this three-day weekend... which was unpleasant as I spent the majority of it Quite Ill Indeed. But this weekend I did finally move a network cable (need to re-arrange more, but that got the set going) and watched a couple short youtube bits on the big screen.

This morning I finally watched my first full TV show on the set. This is a 40 inch, HD, 1080p color, stereo, widescreen and all that. So my first full program? The Spike Jones Show, from New Year's Eve(?) 1952 in glorious B&W, 4:3 aspect ratio and monaural sound. I don't try to do this sort of thing, it just happens. So help me, I thought I'd posted about once setting up audio streaming on Linux and streaming mp3's of cylinder recordings, but I haven't found that post despite a couple hours and multiple search engines. Something is screwy and I hope it's not me this time.

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