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Xfce is nice, but how do I disable a misfeature?

I've been using Xfce for several years now. First as it was light enough to allow an even-then ancient laptop to be if not speedy, at least not overly sluggish. Then as it got out of my way, exactly the that GNOME and KDE didn't. Alas, something about is now getting in my way and I haven't yet found a way to turn it off - and I have looked. Perhaps just not with the search terms that someone else believes are obvious.

Due to switch bounce or accidental double-clicks I have discovered that a double-click on the right (or left) edge of a window will cause that window to be horizontally maximized. This is NOT the 'drag to the top to horizontally maximize' option which is readily disabled. All too often I will be scrolling down a web page and *BOING* I suddenly have a browser covering the monitor screen from left edge to right (but, thankfully, not top to bottom as well). This is annoying. I don't want this. And I have yet to find any setting or control to disable this annoying misfeature.

I am not quite to the point of bailing on Xfce. Otherwise, I find Xfce to be if not ideal, certainly more than merely good enough. However, if this irksome misfeature can't be disabled, I fear I must start the likewise irksome process of seeking a replacement Desktop Environment/Window Manager.

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