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Why do web sites keep reinventing Crap ideas?

Behold a nice, clean design, a journal site set up to *my* liking:

LiveJournal used to have a similar look, but some bright spark (ha!) had to go and "improve" it so there's that stupid top-bar covering up *my* links and wasting valuable screen-space. And is there is a clear, obvious way to be rid of the useless thing? Seemingly not. Is LJ trying to drive users away?

It seems this bad idea of a top extra navbar of crap one can't change gets resurrected. It's the Bad Idea that refuses to die. Enough! I had this set up to MY liking for years - don't mess it up. Or at the very least, give me a simple way to get what I want back.

Tags: bad design, livejournal, ui
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