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Fixing LJ Breakage

My last post was about my main page, which was contaminated with a stupid NavBar (or something carefully not called that despite being exactly that). Looking through recent LJ news posts, there was a link to the option to be rid of the thing - at least while logged it. Evidently it still looks stupid when someone else looks at. Great going, LJ. You're NOT HELPING. All you are doing is either looking stupid or making me look stupid. I do not appreciate that. Cut that out.

While I was looking for a way to be rid of the craptacular NavBar that was wasting space and covering useful links, I wound up tripping the new 'feed' option. Did I mention craptacular? The feed option sure is! It defaults to a style I loathe - and can't change except in insignificant ways. Is LJ taking lessons from OS X in horrid UI design inflexibility? Sure feels like it.

Fortunately the problem has a work-around. The 'feed' (more like the stuff that comes out of the G-I tract than what goes in, I say) messes up the Friends link and instead of the link going to /friends, it now goes to /feed - and there's no way I can see to switch it back. But there is the personal links list, and one can duplicate the provided links list and make corrections. I have now done that, so the list of link might look silly as it appears to duplicate standard, provided links. But the Friends link I set up myself goes to /friends (which displays the way I desire, at least to me, rather than the horrid /feed URL. I've duplicated other links that are seemingly not affected as a preemptive measure against future LJ idiocies of trying to fix what ain't broke.

Sadly, I might need to duplicate this on IJ, not because of anything IJ does (squeaky is too smart to do the stupid stuff LJ does) so that I get in the habit of only ever using my links and thus avoid further LJ idiocies.

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