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So Orvan commented about minotaur good guys, lack thereof...

Orvan and I have been following the According to Hoyt blog of Sarah Hoyt. A few days ago a guest entry was about "The rise of the Self-Insertion fic[tion]" where the reader of this or that group had to have a protaganist of the same group or else things were too conservative, traditional, triggering, whatever. And Orvan made a comment that he could go on about the lack of minotaur "good guys" but "Why waste the effort? There are plenty of good guys (and gals, of various species) out there – why limit myself?" And that had precisely the effect it was not actually asking for. A demonstration point sort of backfired. No less than three different replies mentioned a minotaur character now trying to get into a work, or story ideas involving a minotaur or minotaurs.

One of those replies went thus: What Sarah said, Orvan. I’ve got this mental image of Rada and Zabet trying to negotiate a minor social problem while making a delivery to a minotaur – something about two predators and . . . aw, chuck it. *pulls up blank Word document* ‘Scuze me. It's been a few days and one of the pieces of, fallout, from that comment is Story Bit: Sharp Dealings. It's only few paragraphs, so far, but is a nice little diversion. And the minotaur-ish character isn't a villain - or a hero. He just is this guy... with horns.

The "Old News" section of TXRed's (Alma T.C. Boykin) blog, Cat Rotator's Quarterly has other snippets with Rada and Zabet, so if you want to get some background, you can. And then perhaps you might like to buy a book or a few. See the 'A Cat Among Dragons' link if you are so inclined.

And Orvan points out that he is technically not a minotaur, as the Minotaur had a human body, and he (Orvan) has a tail and stands on hooves - he's moo all the way down. Also, he has never been to Crete. That said, he understands that given his form, he might get called a minotaur and isn't offended by that. Or at least he tries not to show it, if he is.

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