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Merry F'ing Christmas

Around 1:40 AM Saturday morning two Arschlocher in a red Subaru (as shown in video, which sadly did not get a plate number, damnit) broke the front passenger side window of my car. They ripped out a GPS, an XM receiver, and a control head for an Icom 2820 dual band transceiver - and some of the mounting hardware for some of that.

This was all about speed, and not about knowing what was useful or how. No power cords or antennas were taken, though the radio's microphone was out in the open. They ripped the control cable for the radio head unit out (other connectors simply pulled out, this one had a snap-tab like a phone or network cable.) The XM receiver is useless without its antenna - and a subscription which no longer is going to that radio anyway. The radio control head is utterly useless without the radio itself - which was left. Only the GPS might be of any use stand-alone, but not as effective as it could be with the antenna. Also, it's been years since that GPS was updated. That was on my list of things to do, but I'm glad I hadn't spent the money for that yet now.

The Arschlocher failed to take the mounting stalk for the GPS, but did take the part that goes on the stalk. They also took part of a phone mount, but not the stalk for it. The downside, beyond the damage and loss itself, is that the GPS did have 'home' set, so it could be used as guide. I'll simply say that precautions are being taken, should the Arschlocher get the idea to try to break into the house.

I'll be calling a glass place in town when they open this morning about replacing the window. A "Christmas present" I shouldn't need to have has been ordered to replace the satellite radio receiver. I don't yet know if I can even get a replacement Icom 2820 control head or cable for it. It looks like my phone will do as a GPS, once I work out a new mounting arrangement. I didn't do that before as offline navigation, while it uses good maps, has lousy navigation algorithms. However, since ATT upped the data limit to "Unless you're streaming (lots of) video, don't worry about it." I can use an on-line app that seems to get the navigation right for the addresses I care about most - and the phone comes with me, by default.

I have my doubt these Arschlocher will be caught, but I would dearly love to hear of them spending Christmas in jail. Or in the morgue if they happen to get some meth (I suspect that's what this is about in the end) cut with stuff too nasty to use as rat poison. That would be most satisfying.

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