Vakkotaur (vakkotaur) wrote,

LJ and evil laws of Russia

LiveJournal is now a Russian-owned company and has been for a while. Recently a new "user agreement" has been put into place, subjecting LJ users to onerously vile Russian laws in some circumstances. This post sums it up rather well:

For the same reasons, I cannot see posting new material on LJ if that will make it and me subject to such evil or potential evil. If you care to follow my posts, I suggest you have a look at: instead.

Or, where I might be more active:

At most I might post pointers to such here.

It does sadden and annoy me that LJ is not merely fading away, but is being killed. I once paid for the "lifetime" membership for the utility of things and the ease of not having to fiddle with an ongoing subscription. That money seems a sad waste now.

Am I overreacting? I hope so. But better safe than sorry.
Voting with my virtual hooves.
See you... elsewhere.

Tags: evil, free speech, russia
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